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16 / Male / In a Relationship
United States
I like Lo-Fi, that's pretty much it
And I guess I'm like a kinda nerd or some thing
I don't like making bios
I also suck at pretty much everything and don't have alotta talents, so yeah
I don't care much for actually role-playing, I'm cool with just talking, I find it much more entertaining
I'll rp a fun and adventurous roleplay, but I'll probably mess around a lot and not take many situations seriously, cause I find enjoyment in that.
If you wanna more efficient way to commune, my discord is intelikxual#8432

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Hello! If you'd be so kind to repost this and share about my profile, I'd really appreciate that! I'd love to have some new friends!
0  Feb 14th 2019 15:54

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Q. Can I see your manager?
A. no
 Feb 11th 2019 19:19

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