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NightHawke's Blog

New Blog...Who dis?

HEEEEY-LLO you fantastical people. This is your (new) good friend Night Hawk. Nicknames are rad. Wouldn't you agree? (If not, you should) Any HOOT, on to the chase. I will do my darnest to keep this short and simple; and simple and short...

A few rules to abide by so we don't run into oopsy's and bad behaviors...

NUMBER ONE-O: Don't be a dingus. Like ever. If I have to explain to you what that is; good chance you are one.

NUMBER TWO (haha...number two...giggle snort): Don't drive me any more crazy than I am. Writing is merely a hobby for me-self. Do not pressure me because that is when it becomes no bueno. I do try my darnest to reply at least every other day given my nut-so, cwazy work schedule.

Hopefully there won't be a third rule. I don't want to be a picky picker. A girl's gotta have standards...I reserve the right to mention when I am uncomfortable with a conversation or RP idea.

Oooh...that was serious for a moment. So, live long and prosper my peeps.
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2 | 0 Comments | Aug 13th 2019 15:24