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(Yisseli Ortega)
18 / Female / Single
Oregon - United States
Hi check out my blog for plots i enjoy, this is an updated profile, i will have multiple characters, but i will also have their descriptions on my blog page along with their corresponding ages, I'll also try to correspond the plots that they'll fit in.


~I don't do one liners, or one word replies, if you "hey" "hi" "wassup" or "sup" me i will delete you since you've been warned.

~At least reply with a 5 to 6 line reply, i personally send longer replies but thats because I'm very descriptive.

~No Godmodding, i control my actions, you control yours ^-^

~If you add me please message me, i don't collect friends, nor want to be your new friends list addition.

~I do dark mature styled roleplays, if you're looking for romance you won't find it here unless you somehow sway me

~Don't come off to me as bored, rude, or sending random starters, when people tell me they're bored and to help them out with that its really cringey to me

Besides those rules I'm hoping we can become great roleplay partners! ^-^

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Ive Finished my profile, my plots are standing at 60plus, Characters I'll add on if i taie interest in new ones, character description have been finished and are all on my blog page, ages and s*xual positioning plays a big part in plots, this means make sure you're paying attention to the plots age preference before choosing one of my characters and if you want my character to be dom then choose a character thats got [Switch] on their description.
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3  Jan 11th 2021 22:46

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