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(Nehemiah T.)
18 / Male / In Like
Austin,Texas, Texas - United States
I'm 18
Birthday: May 1st
My name is Nehemiah but you can call me Nemo.

@Grimthekid, The protective brother who will kill anyone who hurts me.

I like to roleplay about romance or a different world to get out of this normal boring life of mine.
I wouldn't mind finding that special someone or friends... I'm down for whatever.

So yeah hit me up, sometimes peeps.

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Welcome to the site I hope your having a good week.
Apr 4th 2019 18:36

Hey, and no problem man, if you wanna plot for an rp my messages are always open.
Apr 4th 2019 18:15

~drinks milkshakes~ yum
Apr 4th 2019 12:33

~runs after doing narato run~ no problem
Apr 4th 2019 12:23