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//Trying this again

“How do you know that the devil and the angels inside me aren't the same thing?"
Matthew “Matt” Michael Murdock
Defense Attorney || Masked Vigilante
0  May 11th 2021 19:27

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yes
 Mar 25th 2021 02:56

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"Thank You Domino. I will owe you for this I promise."
Apr 28th 2021 14:00

Emma sent Domino a text "I need Tony's help will you talk to him please? Cerebro is still only fixed on humans so I can't find everyone."
Apr 28th 2021 13:54

"Yes I did the building was demolished and I have everything that was there so I will leave it with Lana."
Apr 26th 2021 16:48

Emma pulled out her phone as she held her side calling Domino "He's safe but Domino you need to be careful The Hand was there with Hydra."
Apr 26th 2021 16:46

'Oh come on! Please Domino!?'
Apr 6th 2021 13:08

Kat smiled 'Good I can't wait to see it oh you should pot pictures of you in it!'
Apr 6th 2021 13:04

'Did your dress arrive!?' Kat messaged her
Apr 6th 2021 13:00