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Necator67's Blog

Character: Kinara

age: 122 ( 22 in human years.
race: Kitzune demon
personality: Cunning and mischievous. Comes off as really kind and gently, but really she is a manipulative devil of a person. Highly intelligent, and adors small children.
sister: Tanisha, age 64 years old ( 8 in human years.)
rest of family is deceased/ killed by exorcists and hunters.
Likes: the little things in life, her sister, painting, scavenging the forest, night skies, eating birds, sitting by water, and being alone
dislikes: people who disrespect her elders, suck ups, loud noises, things getting stuck in her tail. exorcists, and humans

Kinara was born with only one tail, she is a special type of kitzune which is very rare. she is considered to be a symbal to her people, or a sign that they are being watched over. She was supposed to be the next queen in her pack, but the tribe was attacked by hunters and exorcists, her and her sister got away. Now her and her sister are their own pack and Kinara is being hunted specifically because of her rare breed.
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