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NeatxLilxMonsterxx's Blog

Trixie Cheng

(For my roleplayers that prefer to roleplay with Furries~)

Name: Trixie Cheng
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Anthro
Nationality: Chinese/American
Sexuality: Pansexual
S/D: Submissibe
Occupation: Chef

Personality: Extremely Intelligent, Soft hearted, not overly friendly but nice enough to those she meets, humorous, Likes to cook and eat tasty treats, will usually help those in need, somewhat heroic, a hopeless romantic.

Bio: To be revealed in RP~
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Katori Ichigawa

(Possible Triggering Themes)

Name: "Tori" Ichigawa
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Location: America
Occupation: High School Student
Sexuality: Pansexual
S/D: Submissive

Personality: Very intelligent, puts others before herself, not prone to violence but will defend herself and others, suffers from past traumatic experiences, sarcastic, witty, generally a friendly person despite traumatic past, does not take friendly to those that prey upon the weak, has a temper, has a inner romantic.

Backstory: Born in a smaller city outside of Tokyo, Tori was born into what everyone thought was a loving, stable environment, but they'd be very wrong. Life was decent enough at first, but around Tori's fifth birthday her life began to change. Her father was heavily involved with Gangs and crime racketeering and this was largely how he made his money. This was problematic for him as this made him a great amount of enemies. The first time she was abducted she had been snatched from her school by men that claimed worked for her father. She suffered many abuses while waiting for her father to rescue her. He did show up of course but Tori had suffered multiple scrapes, bruises, and a bone fracture. After that, he was much more careful with her, assigned guard detail, etc. When Tori was about thirteen, her bodyguards were killed by rival gang members and once again she was taken captive this time her rescue took longer and the thugs took their time torturing her. By the time the money transfer and her rescue came it was almost too late. Tori ended up being hospitalized from the sexual and physical trauma she endured. Tori's mother was so distraught that she called her parents. Tori's grandparents came from America to Japan and demanded that Tori's father allow them to take her with them where she could be safe. Reluctantly they agreed and Tori was able to start a new life with her Grandparents in California where they had just opened a new marketing company. Tori began to heal from the trauma and was enrolled into a new school where she began making friends and began to feel 'normal'.
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Kana Asano

Name: Kana Asano
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual
S/D: Submissive

Personality: Unstable, Grows attached to people.very easily, Will do anything to please the one she loves, murder is a simple request, Enjoys being dominated by the one she loves, psychotic, Can be very deadly, Violent when she becomes jealous, definitely a 'Yandere' personality type.
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Name: Hikari
Gender: Female
Age: ?
Species: Deity
SO: Pansexual
S/D: ?
Origin: Unknown

Personality: Mysterious, Wise, Seemingly all knowing, although aspects of humanity and human life is puzzling to her, Enjoys the hunt, Curious, Usually calm, but does have a temper. A secret romantic.

Bio: Better known as a goddess of the hunt, Hikari is actually the product of a forest God, and his human lover. Unsure how to care for a half human offspring, she was cast off to her mother. For all of her faults the woman loved her daughter but the village did not. When Hikari began to show signs of what she was her mother lead her deep into the woodlands and abandoned her. She was three at the time. Hikari didn't grow into her full potential until adulthood where she granted her first achievement. She granted a great wolf, human form and the gift of speech. The wolf had grown fond of a human woman and Hikari granted him his wish. The offspring were feared and kept hidden. The werebeasts who switch into their unnatural form once every lunar cycle. She didn't understand their despair they were human enough the rest of the time. Hikari lived for thousands of years after that. People worshiped her to bring prosperity to their crops, for their own hunters to return safely. However, while her existence was lengthy, and time seemed to stand still... It was also sort of lonely.
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Dottie Harpe

Name: Dottie Harpe
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Species: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual
S/D: No preference
Nationality: American
Occupation: Lead Forensic Analyst

Personality: Eerily calm, Unfeeling, Cold, Even Tempered, Numb, Extremely Intelligent, Strong Willed, Has a strong sense of justice, believes that she is doing society a service, A neat little monster, has an inner romantic.

Bio: Dottie doesn't remember any part of her life prior to her third birthday. Her adoptive parents believed it to be fortunate she couldn't remember. Her adoptive parents were heavily involved with law enforcement which made her special 'training' abnormal. Overall she had an easy childhood on the outside her life looked normal but overall she was numb and smiled only on the outside. Her parents discovered her strange behavior about the time she broke an animals neck for destroying her mother's favorite garden. From then it was discovered that Dottie had an urge to silence the living. Her parents decided that if she was going to become a monster, she would do so for the greater good and from then on was trained to make a kill, clean up the mess and above all get away with it. There was more to it than that, she needed to blend in do her part seem like a normal cog in the community. A perfect normal life, not one to be suspected of being a serial killer. Dottie was very brilliant and got into crime scene investigation. Eventually ending in the forensics department of her local law enforcement agency where she helped to solve murders. For the unlucky ones who fell through the cracks and got off on a technicality..... Met the death sentence.

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