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(Nathalie Locke)
21 / Female / Forever Alone
Nowhere, Philippines
Greetings. You may call me Nath.

✎About Me✎
I am here to write amazing stories depending on what you would like to experience during our roleplay. It can range from Slice of Life to Fantasy, and Sci-Fi is my all-time favorite. I tend to write from one to five paragraphs, and more if I am in a creative mood.

✎Full Genre List✎
Slice of Life, Fantasy, Romance, Ero, Sci-Fi, Mystery

✎Romance/N*FW details✎
I prefer to keep romance in FxF or FxF+ pairs since I am only comfortable doing those genres with other female characters. But, it does not mean I will not add men, as I will add them if they are willing to play female characters if they require romance or N*FW scenes.

✎Brief Rules✎
All I ask is respect and kindness, and I will give you the same treatment. Being inactive for at least 8 days will result to unfriending (unless you have some reasons why you were inactive). I do not want to add people who won't even try to plot up a story with me.

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