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NapalmKnight's Blog

Tristian Cross

Name: Tristian Andriano Cross

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual (slight male lean 40% women, 60% men)

Occupation: Private Investigator

BirthPlace: Los Angeles California

Parents: Lucielle Andriano Cross (was married to his father, now a widower) Baxter Cross (deceased)

Siblings: Julian Andriano Cross (Eldest child, 32), Zachary (half brother of Tristian, is from Lucielles previous relationship. nobody knew the father)

Mental illnesses: Suffers from PTSD, Tristian was the one who found his father whom hung himself out on the porch of their home

Addictions: Nicotene (can't stop smoking)

Markings: none

Scars: Stab wound scar on his lower abdomen, he was on a case and was attacked

Tattoos: A tattoo on his back that says 'rest in peace father' with a holy cross under it

Personality: quiet, has a very antisocial vibe about him, always smoking and doesn't mess around with his cases but is secretly a very devout romantic whom enjoys the game of seduction and courting...also has a very dark violent side which can come out when he drinks which is why he tries to avoid alcohol at all costs

Appearance: In photo (will post up some coloured pics too)

Weapons: snub nose pistol (8 rounds) and a pocket knife

Bio: coming soon!

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Results (lol yes those)

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(dunno lol)
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Robert Patrinchski aka The Death Dealer

Name: Robert Patrinchski

Alias(s): The Death Dealer, Master of Death, Death, God, The Saviour

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Role: Villain/Bio Terrorist/Cult leader

Appearance: in photo (never voluntarily takes mask off)

Personality: Cold, nerving and creepy

Powers: Robert Patrinchski was born with an incredibly powerful and dark power, he can look into the future and see how someone will die and if possible, he can either change the way they die or he can stop death all together. He has been described by some as a god and by others as a fanatic who has too much power. he has also been described to have some form of mind control as his followers blindly follow his every command and he is also a master of manipulation

Weapons: an army of loyal followers who would die to protect him and an elite group of body doubles whom are willing to defend him and die for him

Bio: Robert Patrinchski was born with a gift...a very powerful and dangerous gift that caused the death of his parents. When he was 11 his dormant gift was awakened and he woke up one night having seen a horrible dream...that was also the future. His mother and father being involved in a car accident that claimed their lives...this unfortunately was reality for a few days later this happened.

Left an orphan, Patrinchski started to noticed that he could see lots of people dying...death was everywhere and it was just that it hadn't happened yet. Later on in life, after proving his gift to the world Patrinchski became quite the spectacle and was regarded as a miracle to the world and he started to profit from people who would come from all over the world to get their deaths foretold to them so they could hopefully either avoid fate or change it...However Patrinchski never told anyone that what he saw was guaranteed to happen no matter how hard someone tried to change fate, if he told you you were going to die of a heart attack or cancer it was going to happen regardless.

Patrinchski was making so much money, that he bought a property in the woodlands and started to build a compound that would house himself and his new followers...that's right Patrinchski had gained such a following that a group of men and women considered him God and were willing to do anything for their leader. Patrinchski knew this was something he could use to his advantage and this is when his power started to corrupt him. He used his powers to implant his ideals and methods into the minds of his followers, they were brainwashed and it was too late for them to come back. This is when he started to go down the dark path...

The next few years Patrinchski started preparing, starting fortifying his compound and inviting more and more people into his embrace as he was convinced a great plague was on the horizon. A plague that would wipe out humanity...and they believed him because of his powers and they thought he was psychic and that he could defend the people from death itself...but it was all a lie to cover up his criminal operations. He used his army of followers to deal drugs, weapons and whatever he needed to make money. Soon the US Government started to notice that Patrinchski was amassing an army, that he was becoming a threat to their way of life.

Patrinchskis ultimate goal is to storm the white house and show to the world that the plague is coming...and that its going to wipe out the world...but in order to convince the world that the end is coming...he has to make it happen...
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Robert Andrew Michaels

Name: Robert Andrew Michaels

Age: 40s (exact age unknown)

Gender: Male

Appearance: In photo

Personality: deranged, cruel and violent

Weapons: whatever he needs for the heist

Bio: Robert is an ex cop who was fired from the police force after he shot someone without any reason. Robert was taken to prison but after it was realised the man was clearly unhinged and insane, he spent over 7 years in a mental health facility...he was extremely deranged and spoke to Doctors and nurses about how he enjoyed watching others suffer for their lives were too perfect.

When his treatment was complete. Robert left the facility feeling very proud of himself, he had fooled them into believing he was fine...little did they know he would become one of the 21st centuries most wanted men.
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2 | 8 Comments | Sep 11th 2019 03:46

Charles Breen 'HandyMan'

Name: Charles Breen 'Charlie' 'Breenie' 'HandyMan'

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Appearance: in photo

Personality: ladies man, loves to help and provide to the Celebrity community, is also prone to violent outbursts

Bio: coming soon!
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