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(Takane Perez)
22 / Male / Single
Tijuana, Mexico

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Q. Do you work on saturday
A. Yes I do, Sunday's too
 Aug 17th 2019 14:40

Lunarose asked the question
Q. Ohh sorry honey Bear I dont want to wake you ILY xxx luna
A. Don't worry it's ok :), I don't mind
 Jul 7th 2019 13:37

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I need you bad
Aug 17th 2019 12:10

Thank you for the add.
Aug 7th 2019 15:20

Hello I sent you a private message and I would like an answer back please
Jul 30th 2019 00:01

Hey :D so we might be starting CK on Friday just waiting to hear back from a couple people before we start
Jul 24th 2019 01:09

okay awesome thanks
Jul 18th 2019 18:33

Hey I was wondering if you wanted to join my other high school roleplay if so send me a private message and we can discuss details :D
Jul 18th 2019 18:25

I'm good as well I think that my friend was the one that recruited you but you're so welcome.
Jul 18th 2019 17:07

How are you? and thanks for joining the geoup roleplay
Jul 18th 2019 17:04

Jul 18th 2019 17:01

Good to hear! It seems they really payed off!
Jun 14th 2019 21:56