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(Takane Perez)
22 / Male / Single
Tijuana, Mexico

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This was my final exam, I had to make a sculpture made out of caramel, I'd like to think it turned out pretty well, what do you guys think?
Mood: accomplished
6  Jun 21st 2019 01:15

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Lunarose asked the question
Q. It’s okay baby I understand
A. Thank you! you're so kind :)
 Jun 19th 2019 01:34

Lunarose asked the question
Q. Hey baby
A. Sorry for answering late :(
 Jun 19th 2019 01:20

Latest Comments

Good to hear! It seems they really payed off!
Jun 14th 2019 21:56

I have to say, your characters reaction to our role play? Is truthfully the best one I have seen for that plot line. XD
Jun 14th 2019 21:38

Yep you fell asleep
May 26th 2019 03:06

Hey! I hope you're doing okay. Get well soon, alright? I hope to hear from you soon. :)
Apr 11th 2019 11:21

Anyway! I sent the idea :)
Apr 10th 2019 09:16

**just wanted to say your really amazing, your writing is out of this world and I'm very excited to see where it goes!

Super happy we met and happy to call you a friend and rp partner!:)**
Mar 31st 2019 23:00

Hello? Are we gonna continue RP?
Feb 16th 2019 12:36