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(Takane Perez)
21 / Male / Single
Tijuana, Mexico

Latest Status

I'm sorry to all the people I haven't been answering lately...but it seems my job is literally killing me, My roommates had to take me to the doctor today and it seems that I've been having stress overloads!, my blood pressure is over the roof, and it doesn't help that i'm barely having like five or four hours of sleep.....God I'm so tired.
Mood: tired
2  Apr 9th 2019 23:41

Latest Questions

Q. Hey you alright over there?
A. Yeah sorry i had to go out to pick ingredients for tonight's dinner with my roomates
 Apr 5th 2019 19:42

Q. How much longer are you gonna be on for?
A. Probably between 20 or 50 minutes, you?
 Feb 25th 2019 01:04

Latest Comments

Hey! I hope you're doing okay. Get well soon, alright? I hope to hear from you soon. :)
Apr 11th 2019 11:21

Anyway! I sent the idea :)
Apr 10th 2019 09:16

**just wanted to say your really amazing, your writing is out of this world and I'm very excited to see where it goes!

Super happy we met and happy to call you a friend and rp partner!:)**
Mar 31st 2019 23:00

Hello? Are we gonna continue RP?
Feb 16th 2019 12:36