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(Ryuka Nahi)
22 / Female / Single
Somewhere - Antarctica
Good evening, everyone!

I'm not new to roleplay at all and have at least 9+ years of experience. I started out on a website called Chatango and moved from there about a year or two before it was ruined by adobe flash being taken down.

I've been on Quotev as well pretty on and off for 6 years, so I definitely know a thing or two! This is my second time here after I deleted my last account from two years ago. I'm mostly here to do Roleplay not much for chatting but I don't mind that either.
I do mostly mature settings with long-term in mind though I keep it centered around Medieval or Fantasy and Romance is a must. I am more than happy to roleplay with other women especially any that are able to be dominant as I'm mostly submissive in role.

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Yikes I completely forgot to reply to some rps last night, that's my bad! Ugh I'll respond after work everyone!
12  Jan 26th 2023 12:58

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