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(Jeongguk Jeon)
16 / Male / Single
Korea (South)

     ❀ Jeongguk Jeon ❀

✎....just a fifteen year old, korean, christian, high-school boy who works part time in their local flower shop during the holidays. i really love strawberry flavoured lollipops, puppies, flowers and art. also really into pop music, huge big fan of Ariana Grande and Troye Sivan. confused, little bisexual? boy. lover, not a fighter. i have a sweet tooth, very curious and open mind and a big heart. bit of a perfectionist. i just want to do well. people say i'm naive sometimes and very cherubic, i don't understand what they mean by that but anyways, i'm just looking to make some friends and get exceptionally good grades. i'm also quite shy, so please, do forgive me. it was lovely to meet you, bye....ღ

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tokki asked the question
Q. ok but like what does ur user even mean
A. it means a foolish or stupid person. someone naive.
 Apr 22nd 2019 23:00

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