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(Sarah Gilford)
19 / Female / Broken Hearted
California - United States
I had an account made before, but I lost the password, which serves me right for overcomplicating it, I am. I hadn't gotten around to adding anyone on that account anyway so no big loss. Still annoying as hell though.

I used to play a wide array of verses though nowadays Overwatch is pretty much the only one I do anymore unless you have a REAL good plot idea brewing. Other than that one exception, its all Original worlds for me.

All of my female characters are bisexual. I hate that I have to be so blunt about it, but some people are thick headed so now you know. I was tempted to make them lesbians because thats my IRL orientation but I decided a few random a**holes shouldn't make me exclude the guys that DO value real roleplays. So, for now, their bi. But that can change REAAAAAL quick.

Serious roleplayers only please. Ya'll shouldn't need me to tell you what I mean by that.

Send me your favorite color in your first message to me. If you don't, I know you haven't even bothered to read this, and you'll be removed.

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