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30 / Male / Single
California - United States

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Smiling helps make your day a lot better so have a good day and be safe
12  Sep 12th 2020 19:08

Latest Questions

Q. Hey handsome hmu
A. Already on it
 Sep 17th 2020 17:10

Latest Comments

Yes I will be a good girl ^^
Sep 16th 2020 15:46

We totally have to set a time for that date!
Aug 21st 2020 21:43

Thanks for sharing!^^
Aug 21st 2020 18:42

Anywhere, Everywhere
Aug 17th 2020 22:32

Ooooo tough guy.
Aug 17th 2020 21:45

Yep! :D
Aug 17th 2020 21:41

Good lol
Aug 17th 2020 21:40

RIP you better start planning your funeral then
Aug 17th 2020 21:36

You do know that your gonna die of cuteness in 10 minutes right?
Aug 17th 2020 21:33

Lol I changed it to that once I saw how adorably sweet you are
Aug 17th 2020 21:15