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22 / Female / In Like
|| Howdy darlings!

Call me Music. This profile is currently underconstruction and will be re-edited very soon! Just hang in there and shoot me a couple of messages or comments!

I don't bite. :3 ||

LOVE is created by RESPECT

RESPECT is created by FEAR

FEAR is created by HORROR


IMAGINATION is created by ME.

|| - People Close to Me - ||

> My amazing father! Please hang in there.. @Gxrmany

> My beautiful son. @_JeffTheKiller

> Homicidal Toasty Bean. @HomicidalStitches

> He's an Darling Gentleman. Kindly Add and Greet The Darling! :3 @RoyaltyOfMirkwood

> An Darling Dancer. @herSONG

> An Very Stressed-Out, Cuddly Ukrainian Who Plays Ennard. @Scripts

> Lovable Adopted Bab- @no_one_loves_me

> Snuggleh Waifu. X3 @Funtime_Foxy - ||

Latest Status

This breaks my heart... that girl broke them. D:
0  Aug 7th 2019 13:50

Latest Questions

Q. Mama Aster, am I beautiful?
A. Of course hunny! Did someone say you weren't? -_-
 Jul 18th 2019 18:42

Q. Let me love you now! qwq
I added you and some others to my profile!
A. qwq Awwweee, fineee!
 Jul 17th 2019 15:03

Latest Comments

The demon just looked at the other
Jul 31st 2019 17:04

He looked at the being and grunted, "great! Another one of marks game characters!"
Jul 31st 2019 16:53

"Darkiplier, but my 'friends' call me Dark." He said looking around the blue and red visible aura around him glitching
Jul 31st 2019 16:39

The demonic version of mark turned his headaround, his black eyes piercing into the darkness, the one red dot in his eyes shrinking. "Who's there?"
Jul 31st 2019 16:32

Why, hello to you too.
Jul 24th 2019 12:27

"There is no need to be sorry. I've let you toutch my ears right dear?." He liked it when she had that slight blush on her cheeks.
Jul 21st 2019 16:32

Jul 21st 2019 13:37

Oh Otay
Jul 21st 2019 13:10

Add me ??
Jul 21st 2019 13:05

Ok :3
Jul 21st 2019 13:00