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(Rick Taylor)
30 / Male / Single
United States
Minors DNI

I RP in 1st person, I will also RP him as Bi.

In his early childhood, Rick had sensed the Corrupted, who called him into the darkness. This caused Rick to become very afraid of the universe around him. When he met Jennifer Willis, these fears vanished. Rick truly and deeply loves Jennifer, as he would do anything for her. He even vowed to never hurt or disappoint Jennifer ever again after having a drunken affair. Rick enjoys listening to heavy metal rock music, and has a long list of bands that he likes. He is a college student, and a very smart person, shown during Phase Five: The Corpse That Wouldn't Die, when he recognized Mayan symbols.

Early in the game, Rick is horrified by the fact that he has to kill creatures that were once his friends, and disgusted by the Terror Mask's bloodlust. As the game continues, however, he starts to enjoy killing creatures and loves the powers the Mask has given him. Despite that, he still retains his love for Jenny and only continues fighting for her.

Rick, being a normal human being, isn't very strong. He also seems to have some sort of psychic power, as he could sense the Corrupted's powers as a child. But, when wearing the Terror Mask, his body is transformed into a hulking version of himself thus gaining massive amounts of superhuman strength. As seen, Rick has the strength to rip enemies apart, smash them into a puddle of blood (with a 2x4), and throw them long distances.
Rick also gains the ability to heal very serious and normally fatal wounds in a short matter of time, such as gashes so deep they reveal internal organs and bones. Rick can also regenerate missing limbs such as an arm or a leg. Rick's powers can also be increased because when he kills a lot of enemies his body will be covered in blood which increases the Mask's power thus increasing Rick's power. With enough blood Rick will be able to transform into an even more monstrous form than the already hulking form he has with the mask while having the mask take over.

In the original trilogy, the Mask is not seen giving Rick special powers until the third game. In the first game, it is only seen to awaken the final boss. In the second game, it guides Rick on his quest to save Jennifer, opening the portal to the void. In the third game, it gives Rick a transformation. In fact, when Rick and Jennifer approach the mansion in the first game, Rick already appears to have a very muscular build. When this was cut from the 1990 home port, new artwork showed Rick with a smaller frame in his ordinary clothing, and the mask was said to have given him his powers. This was used in the 2010 game.

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