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(E D D I E)
21 / Male / Single
Hawkins, Indiana - United States
"I'm starting- Harrington's got her, doncha big boy?—."

E D D I E ° M U N S O N

•°Eighteen, Twenty

°•Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Supernatural, ect.

•°Crossovers obviously encouraged.

°•Homo!Eddie, Multi-Shipper.

—Two to four paragraphs. I'm mobile.

—Messages are my go too.

"—Guaranteed start just for you."

Due to an untimely demise, Eddie has returned on the pretense he's been saved by an unknown force—little does he or the crew of Hawkins know he's been turned by the venom of the demi bats that took him down. Newly found urges arise, no longer have the hunger he once had for human food but instead blood. Though obtaining such a thing is uncalled for and in these trying times.. what's Eddie to do? Maybe rob a few hikers, be caught with his pants down at the overpass... Well, he's still coming up with a few ideas but, robbing a blood bank was definitely on that idea list.

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