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Do you have any characters that will match my character?
Jun 14th 2020 02:08

No problem, I'd love to plot sometime.
Jun 8th 2020 21:55

Thanks for adding me, and I'll take a look-see at whom you got ^^.
May 24th 2020 05:33

// Hey hun! Hope your okay just testing to see if you got my message, my wifi is being a d*** right now :(
Apr 2nd 2020 20:24

Hey!! Thabk you so much for the add! I can't wait to write with you <3
Mar 18th 2020 23:50

Hey! i guess the roleplays dead?
Jan 24th 2020 13:48

Will hit you up when I come back to the site. Right now, I'm taking a well deserved break.
Jan 24th 2020 10:29

Hey Umm are ya going to reply to the roleplay?
Jan 24th 2020 10:26

Jan 9th 2020 09:20

Your welcome!
Dec 23rd 2019 11:44