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(Multi-Muse Roleplay)
27 / Male / Single
New York - United States
If you look within the Blog section of this account you will find over 45 unique and amazing characters. From both Marvel and Dc Comics, both heroes and villains. Just shoot me a message with whatever characters corresponding number you would like to write with. And lets see what amazing things we can create!

Latest Comments

Ok I’m will
Aug 29th 2020 19:01

Hit me up with a plot~
Jun 19th 2020 03:47

Do you have any characters that will match my character?
Jun 14th 2020 02:08

No problem, I'd love to plot sometime.
Jun 8th 2020 21:55

Thanks for adding me, and I'll take a look-see at whom you got ^^.
May 24th 2020 05:33

:: Hi! I’ll take a look. Far warning, I haven’t rped in about two years-
May 14th 2020 00:06

(You're welcome. Thank you for sending a request.

I'll take a look.)
Apr 22nd 2020 10:31

// Hey hun! Hope your okay just testing to see if you got my message, my wifi is being a d*** right now :(
Apr 2nd 2020 20:24

Hey!! Thabk you so much for the add! I can't wait to write with you <3
Mar 18th 2020 23:50

Hey! i guess the roleplays dead?
Jan 24th 2020 13:48