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(Yu Takeyama)
20 / Female / Single
Name: Yu Takeyama

Alias: Mt. Lady

Age: 24 years old

Birth date: August 11th

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4"

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Purple

Blood type: B

Quirk: Gigantification

Birthplace: Hokkaido

Occupation: Pro Hero

Team: Hideout Raid Team

Mt. Lady is a young woman who seems to enjoy the attention that being a hero gives her and she does not feel any shame from having to take that fame from another hero while basking in the glory. She is also shown to be vain as she uses her ample sex appeal to further her popularity or to gain something. This vanity also shows a bit of shamelessness as she isn't above making a lewd pun about her own body. Shown during Minoru Mineta’s internship, she also appears to be very lazy.

However, she is not careless, as shown that she will not transform into her giant form in confined spaces in fear of destroying nearby buildings and risk harming civilians as she is careful when fighting a villain who has taken hostages. Despite her vanity, she has shown to be selfless as she stopped Mr. Compress from reaching Izuku Midoriya’s group after they saved Katsuki Bakugo even though she was already severely injured from All For One's attack. She also protected a group of civilians from All Might’s Detroit Smash shock wave during her debut. This shows that despite her faults she is serious about being a hero and takes her job seriously.

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