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Milwaukee, ... - United States
Hello, and thank you for taking time to read this! I am here to bring some happiness to others with dumb memes, puns, and jokes, and that stuff! I am a ghost/skeleton themed account, and I will move back and forth between the two. Of course, this won't always be a Halloween account, I will change my pfp just to match whatever holiday is coming up. But please understand if we are going to roleplay, stay mindful of my rules which are important.

I will post memes for tell you a terrible Skeleton joke. Don't ask me why...I just wanna do it.
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Latest Status dog just died...and I'm honestly devastated. We're had him for 4 years and now he's gone...I might take so time away for a couple days
3  Dec 4th 2022 22:36

Latest Questions

Q. Waahhhh, I didn't know if you like doing those super big time skips or not. We can totally skip those few years? If we just wanna finish this RP up???
A. I'm totally fine with time skips and I don't mind them being a couple years or shorter.
 Sep 3rd 2022 20:54

Q. Btw! My responses are only long because of our juicy drama, so don't feel pressured to keep up or go even longer than that! ^^;
A. I don't feel pressured at all! I love all the drama
 Sep 1st 2022 16:14

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Nov 23rd 2022 13:40

*笑い始めた* "Watashi o yurush*te. Shikashi, anata wa hone nashi no piza de itsumo sore o motte imasu. Watashi wa sore ni tsuite nanika shinakereba narimasendesh*ta."
Sep 5th 2022 05:26

That's why boneless pizza/Hone nashi piza
Sep 5th 2022 05:15

You're a super cool Roleplay partner! And I'm super glad to have the ability to create our various Rp's together! :)
Aug 28th 2022 16:33

Aww boo. It's okay hun
May 25th 2022 13:08

Hello ^^
Sep 23rd 2021 20:04