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(Dead McDead Face)
19 / Male / In a Relationship
United Kingdom
Any roleplay idea isn't bad as long as you can do more then a couple lines! But I now do not do romantic rps sadly but for a good reason! My darling girl has changed my life forever and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I am easily one of the most chill people you will meet. I cannot and refuse to be offended, so don't get nasty if I say some things considered offensive. I don't care, because its only offensive if you let it be. And no one should let anything be, that'd sort a lot of problems.

Any more info? Friend me and ask!

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Q. My Bf broke up with me by blocking me on here
A. Damn... His user name?
 Oct 29th 2016 13:07

fig asked the question
Q. can you add me to the creepy pasta group ?
A. Is the pope catholic?
 Sep 24th 2016 19:01

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