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(Xophea The Shadow queen)
31 / Female / Single
Dark world, California - United States

Temporary place for back story

Dark genesis
Many years ago there was world filled with light and all was well however all good things came to an end and so, people fought over the sacred light allowing there heart and souls to become tainted by hatred. Soon that world was at war creating darkness from there greed. Soon enough the darkness took on form a woman to be precise she called herself Ebony as she was darkness in its purest form. She was the first Shadow queen and soon creator of the Umbrix. Ebony filled with nothing but hate wanted to destroy all worlds she however was destroyed.

There were many shadow queens throughout time many wars waged eventually there was truce between the umbrix and the realm of light under Xopheas rule there was an age of peace but it was short live as an renegade anti Dark group Calling themself the Order of the one true light invaded to realm of darkness and attackers the dark kingdom destroying Xophea a home along most of her people while scattering the survivors across the worlds Xophea now seeks away to end the Order and avenge her home.

Skin:no pigment
Wing color:black
Personallity:Agressive to those light but she does have kind heart to children her people and allies.
Weopon:Black Scythe
Secondary form: Genesis form her skin turns to a dark as him tone and she has to demon wings emerge under her angel ones as soon as she hits the ground in the form the battle field becomes a mini dark world powering up all dark alies and darkness based attacks.( More to come)

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You guys never told you met before!?"
0  Nov 22nd 2020 19:04

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Oct 31st 2020 02:46

Hi there, Mother-of-darkness! Now that you're online again, wanna continue our roleplay discussion from a month ago? It's your turn to reply, you know.
Oct 11th 2020 16:48