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(Morgan Stark )
21 / Female / Single
New York - United States
Tony Stark: Right! That's the point I'm trying to make. Apropos of that, last night, I dreamt, we had a kid. So real. We named him after your eccentric uncle. Uh, what was his name?

Pepper Potts: [Nodding in understanding] Right.

Tony Stark: Morgan! Morgan.

Pepper Potts: So you woke up, and thought that we were...

Tony Stark: Expecting.

Pepper Potts: Yeah.

Tony Stark: [Becoming excited] Yes?

Pepper Potts: [Shaking her head] No.

Tony Stark: I had a dream about it. It was so real.

Latest Status

|Anyone want to roleplay with this little Stark?
2  Dec 7th 2019 12:56

Latest Questions

Q. "Miss Morgan look what I got you. To match with Ironman and Loki plushie, I got you a Hulk. Do you like it?" asked Bruce as he showed the little girl the Hulk.
A. "Uncle Bruce, thanks I love my hulk thank you," smiled Morgan as she gave him a big hug.
 Dec 7th 2019 13:59

Q. "Hey Morgan." He waved and handed her a stuffed bear. "What are you doing today?"
A. Morgan smiled at Pete and gave him a hug after he gave her the bear. "Nothing really was getting ready to play outside. But cant climb tress because there is no adult, " said Morgan.
 Oct 18th 2019 13:21

Latest Comments

"I'll let you choice whatever you want." Matt was crouched down infront of her with a smile.
Aug 27th 2019 14:29

"Hey morgan, lets go get some ice cream? Theres an ice cream stand that does great ice cream, all kinds of flavours"
Aug 27th 2019 14:13

Thor knelt down and presented a small wooden hammer, painted to make it look like a real mini mjolnir "I had this made for you, only you and I can lift this because we're the only ones worthy- just be better at catching it than me." Thor winked "And this is why I'm the coolest, right?" Thor said, as if trying to convince himself of this as well as Morgan.
Aug 27th 2019 11:44

"Oh okay. im sure you can make your dad proud." Matt smiled
Aug 26th 2019 13:10

Thor looked shocked at the sight of the young girl, the only person he knew of this height was the Rabbit, Rocket. "Hello, young one. I'm Thor."
Aug 26th 2019 01:20

"Are you going to be the next generation Iron man Morgan?"
Aug 25th 2019 16:37

"Okay but im trusting you with this" Matt whisper in her ear the name Daredevil
Aug 25th 2019 16:27

Matt chuckled and ruffled her hair. "I cant tell you that. Maybe in the future i can share my secret"
Aug 25th 2019 16:12

"Tony Stark, i know him. Part of the avengers."
Aug 25th 2019 15:55

"I save people yes, i wouldnt call myself a superhero though"
Aug 25th 2019 15:39