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22 / Other / Forever Alone
Greetings all~

My name is Mordicai! (Not my actual IRL name but anyway) I go by they/ them so please respect, I’m also not one of those people that are like “GASP you used the wrong pronouns! Imma set a curse upon you!!!!” No, You can use any with me, but I am they/ them.

Anyway~ I can play male, female or whatever you’d like (Other than an ork, robot and anything that doesn’t walk on two legs). I will be making an on eventually so stay tuned for that!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you so much. It does mean a lot <3

Anywho~ you’re beautiful, stunning and handsome <3

Thank you for reading my lovely creature~

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I’m heading to bed ppl~ It’s lovely meetings everyone ^^ I shall be back- maybe- I will be slightly busy tomorrow so be warned!
Mood: sleepy
2  Aug 1st 2022 09:42

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