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12 / Female / In a Relationship
Arizona - United States
Greetings Viewer, I'm Morbid_Harper. Also Known As Harp Or Lily. Otherwise, Call Me Whatever Is In My Username.
Anyways, My Interests Are: Art, Gaming, Singing, Roleplaying, Etc.,
I Do Gymnastics And I Have School During The Day. Also Doing Cross-Country And Theatre In My Spare Time.

Also, Feel Free To Ask Me If You Want To Roleplay With Me. I'll Be Happy To, However, I Have My Limitations And Boundaries.

I Do NOT Do DM Roleplays! I Only Do Forum Roleplays. I REPEAT, I Do NOT Do DM Roleplays. Only Forum Roleplays!

I'm Most Of The Time Pretty Detailed And Even Have Mine In Paragraphs. However, Sometimes I May Have Writers' Block And I Struggle To Find A Response. Otherwise, I Don't Know Exactly What To Say, But May Have An Idea. I Basically Love Writing And I Have Been Roleplaying A Couple Of Years Now. Anyways, Sorry If I Have Grammatical Errors. I'm Not Exactly Good With Punctuation, But I Do Pretty Well In Spelling.

Additionally I Will Give What Roleplay Genres I Like Doing:
1) Romance [Depends On Who It Is]
2) Fantasy
3) Horror
4) Medieval
5) Realistic Also Known As Realism
6) Mixed [Depends On What Genres Is Mixed]

I'm Used To MxF And FxF, However, I Have Not Tried MxM Pairings. Otherwise, MxF Is Usually Where I Play Male Role Since Others Prefer The Female Role. Besides That, FxF Is The Same Concept Of Where They're Both Females. On The Other Hand, MxM Is Where I Have Not Tried That Pairing And Might Try It In The Future. If You Are Interested In Doing MxM With Me, Then, Feel Free To Ask.

Besides That.. I'm Also A Furry. A Mouse Furry To Be Exact, However, My Two Favorite Animals Are Actually A Fox And Wolf.. Also, Just Going To Say This Now: Not All Furries Are Sexual! So, Don't Expect Anything More.