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C'mon @JERK I thought you said you loved me. HAHAH
Mood: amused
3  Jun 8th 2021 18:37

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Played? What happened, Sam... Who do I have to punch? And more importantly, beer and talk? <3
Jun 14th 2021 01:59

Isn't it obvious? Back where it all started...
Jun 8th 2021 18:45

Don't mess with the music and lets go!
Jun 8th 2021 03:57

What is that you say Sammy? A hunt yes I'm ready!
Jun 7th 2021 18:47

Please be a Sammy that will come on hunts with me.?
Jun 7th 2021 13:09

I am perfectly calm whenever you are around, Sammy. -clears her throat, and moves her fingers through her hair nervously-
Jun 2nd 2021 20:46

Hey there, you still around big guy? Never heard from ya again
Jun 2nd 2021 10:15

From what I see, the flirting techniques are working, stud :P I might not even have to give you much advise! hahaha
May 12th 2021 15:01

Oh hon, don't worry I can handle my whiskey ;D hahaha this shall be fun
May 10th 2021 13:17

Dating advise from Dean? That's going to get ya a couple of one night stands, but no long term relationships hahaha let me help you out instead, how bout that?
May 10th 2021 00:09