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(Moon Louve)
26 / Female / Single
Texas - United States
Hello, my name is Moon Louve. I have been doing roleplays for almost 15 years now and still love it to this day. You can find me on kik (Moon_Louve) or discord Moon Louve#1415.

I had someone call this an “ego-boost” account because I had a large number of friends and apparently didn’t respond to their messages.
I’m a very busy person. I work more than 40 hours a week and I have a lot of responsibilities to attend to. I apologize if I don’t make it to all the messages all the time. I don’t mind if you send me a ping now and then to remind me.

My character is Moon, a 2,600 year old shape-shifting Wolf girl. She’s stubborn and wary of people, but once she gets close to someone, she will fight to her last breath for them. She can be goofy and childish but also very reserved and seemingly mean.

I am more than happy to do different characters but this is definitely my go-to one. I love hearing ideas for roleplays and am open to most types of roleplay (though I do have my favorites).

I am very excited to meet new people and look forward to all the exciting stories we can create. I do work a lot and aren’t on 24/7, but I will try to be active as much as I can.

Before you ask, I /am/ able to do ERP’s, but I don’t like half-assed roleplays. So if you want an erp, you better come at me with something fun and exciting.

It is a pleasure to meet you, and I hope things go well for us~!

See you in my messages!

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Jan 13th 2022 10:08

Sorry my website isn’t sending you messages ;-;
I read your character is several centuries long; immortal characters are really cool!
What kind of RPs do you do with her?
Jan 11th 2022 14:01