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(Monster Fxxkerz)
25 / Other / Single
New Jersey - United States
Hey there! Welcome to my account, Ill try to keep it short so keep reading you got a love for monsters!
This account, if you read my name, is for a specific reason and that is to provide deep love for a monster. The types available are endless, I even lean into the pokemon side of things if that's what you desire. This is a mature account catering fo all woth a similar desire. There are three routes I offer:

1. The Dungeon
Several floors, each with their own inhabitants but all have a door leading deeper... your goal is to get as far as you can. The only way to get the key is to satiate or 'conquer' the monster.... Can you hold up against it and reach the final floor?

2. The Garden
A lighter take than the Dungeon, monsters live in peace inside a large dome, providing safety and the allowance of their own ways. Here you can start a life with one or many... or simply play around. No worry of escape and such. Build a life here in the garden with us

3. Freestyle Oc
This is for if you have a specific plot you desire a monster for.

Here is some questions you can answer for me once we start discussing...

1. Sexuality? (MxF, MxM, FxF)
2. Position? (Top, Bottom, Switch)
3. Equipment? (Set as normal unless prefer Fxtas)
4. Likes and Dislikes?
5. Specific requests? (Types of monsters, Looks, etc)

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