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(Cryptid Academy)
24 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
Hello dears~,

Nice to meet you all. I've been interested in having a few supernatural Rp's recently, and so decided to make this account dedicated to a world on the flip side of our own. Where the abnormal is normal, magic is common, and the monsters on the other side of your mirror are real. But unlike all the tales say, they're not ravenous beasts who will devour you in a most painful way at first sight...

Well, not all of them but we're not here to talk about those.

I will be making a few OC sheets for a few monsters I had in mind. All boys seeing as that is what I'm comfortable with, and will lean towards MxM. But MxF is more than welcome as well. Some will be soft, others will have some bite to them, and some select ones may leave a few scars if poked enough. But in High School tensions are high, anything is possible. Even love~

I'm interested in all kinds of RP's, so if you are too go ahead and send me a friend request. I look forward to meeting you all~

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Apologies for being gone. Afraid real life decided to remind me 2020 was a year for things to go wrong.
8  Oct 12th 2020 04:16

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