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(Zachary Leto)
22 / Male / Married
Gotham, United States
Hello Everyone welcome to my Page!

My Name is Zachary or Zach Lee Leto I am the son of @Old-Clown the exJoker

of Gotham and my biological mom is Harley Quinn but I now have an amazing mom in my life who is my girlfriend's best friend and my father's wife @Jacy they have been such a great influence on my life and they

are always there for me whenever I need them. I love you dad and mom.

The other Major people in my life are my baby girl, Rayla Rose or Ray for short she is the cutest thing ever and I am so blessed to be her dad. 10.12.18

and my fiancé (engaged 10.31.18 married 12.19.18) @_Scarlett_ we have been through a lot and I'm changing every day to become a better man for her and my daughter. I love you Scar more then you can even imagine.

If you touch any one in my family you will pay the price.

Be sure to leave me a comment ask me questions and don't be stranger.

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I’m the lucky one!
Mood: loved
1  Feb 10th 2019 11:16

Latest Questions

Q. I am so in love with you.
A. Awww shucks. Well I’m in love with you too! You and Ray are my everything.
 Feb 11th 2019 02:32

Q. Another girl?
A. Mhm, but a part of me also wants a boy
 Dec 24th 2018 12:34

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I want more than cuddles.
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