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Mold's Blog

Augustus Alexandre

Lord Augustus Alexandre is a valiant warrior of the Kingdom of Sirathen. Though not a random warrior, no, in fact, he's the one true heir to the throne. Stoic and talented, he'd seen many battlefields and, in his fathers' passing, is foreshadowed to be a marvelous King.

Augustus is talented with a spear, and in fact, happily sports it as his primary weapon of choice. Problem is, a neighboring Kingdom wishes to conquer the beautiful and ripe lands Sirathen owns. Will you stand with the King?

Will you partake in an arranged marriage to create peace? Shall you delve into the enemies frontlines screaming war cries for your people? Whether you live or die, marry, or find happiness. Augustus will be there, loyal to his closest of allies.

6'1 / Male / 16-26
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Naevys Wynfir

Naevys is a mythical mixbreed of a centaur and an elven fairy. A child of rare happening, that much is for sure. She is openly humble, and traverses the world, utilizing her magics to tend to nature. She promotes life, terraforms environments, and bestows food to needy creatures.

To be frank, she's lonely, not often, if ever, speaking to other sentient life. Upon meeting others, she can become quite shy, yet excitable. She may even, attempt to make a meal for her newfound friend! Her ideal of a meal though, is probably.. not that great to a humanoid.

She's also, adept at healing magics, of which, she learned from her mother. Most unique of this attribute is that she can take life from plants and use that to feed her allies. An ideal companion of you wish to traverse nature. A truly decent, companion.

5'9 / Fu-ta / She won't say-
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Mikasa Marron

Mikasa, or as she prefers to be called; Mika, is a school girl whom is the definition of a gamer. She's not only an idiot, but she has a mission to look as cool as possible to anyone she likes. Literally, the kid who eats a bug to prove she's not a wuss.

Cheerful as sunshine, her parents aren't the best. Often, they're not around, if even existent in her life. Though, they do provide financially for Mika. Dinners made of cheetos and gfuel amalgamate to a good expression of what exactly Mika is-

A good friend, a cute one too. No crazy plot, nothing insanely special. She's just a solid slice of life pick.

5'3 / Fu-ta / 16-19
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Menrva is a demi-god, to be frank. She was a destroyer, a bringer of war, and a generally arrogant warrior blessed by the almighty. Due to her troublesome ways, she was punished by her hierarchy, then, promptly sealed away for thousands of years.

Her tale picks up at some point, thousands of years later, having been imprisoned, lost, and lonely. Deep down, that conqueror still exists within her. Yet, she has also seen the error of her former ways, and as such, she attempts to fight the beast that she truly is.

Menrva is a tough one, stubborn, and fairly intelligent, albeit, easily impressed. Anything modern is like a heavenly bestowal to her as she literally knows nothing about technology due to her sealing. This can lead to her seeming like a huge child at times.

6'3 / Fu-ta / 2000+ to 13000+
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Nalia Akaisha

Nalia is started out in a bandit group. Life was pretty good all around, and education was notably better than one would expect. Her father, a notable warrior in their tribe while her mother, was also highly respected for her talents as a maiden, and a warrior.

However, the tribe soon found competition in the form of dangerous beasts, and the mighty Kingdom of Aviris attempting to move into their lands. War erupted and with general haste, most, if not all of Nalia's tribe were eradicated. Various young warriors were sent off, and left with elderly whom, could no longer participate in battle.

These individuals are the only remnants of the Akaisha. It is assumed, in legend, one day, they will come together once more to take back their homeland, and honor their fallen ancestors.

5'11/ Fu-ta / 16-22
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2 | 0 Comments | May 26th 2023 04:57