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Everlastingly Within, The Ember - United States
Greetings and Hellos! I am Mold, you may simply refer to me as that. Any of my character names are equally acceptable, if you're not a fan of the initial name. I am open to many roleplays and generally, and fairly open as long as I understand what is going on.

A few simple notes about me are the following; I am not a sub and will not act as one. I will do MxF, MxM, FuxFb, FuxF, really whatever as long as it's not some absurd thing. I will personally play male and f--uta characters.

I do not have a random list of kinks. So, just tell me what you are looking to do if that kind of rp is relevant. I will consider these things. Though i will note I am alright with some taboo stuff such as forced, ageplay, and ince-st (Though they just be within reason or promote by plot). For example, the last one would be best used in a setting in medieval times where, that stuff was historically common. I don't generally go for that architype it's just circumstantial. I am objective to using other ocs or characters given the right circumstance.


Writers Note: Any characters I make will be somewhat generalized. All OCS are usually subject to change based on the story and the circumstances. They won't play them the same in every single roleplay.


Rules: Be cool with me and I will return the favor.

Know that I expect at least a faint idea if you add me. I'm not all that creative ironically, so come with some level of a concept.

Don't godmod or control me or my muse.

If you are unable to reply with a Paragraph, please don't add me.

I have a life. Everyone does. You are free to bump me on occasion. Yet, I am more likely to reply on the weekends.

Otherwise, let us dance.

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Just a random notice.

In the scenario something happens to me on here. I want you to know; I have a discord I barely use! However, if you want to maintain some level of contact with me if that DOES happen. Simply, dm me your discord.

I will add pretty much anyone I know and am rping with.
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2  May 31st 2023 06:58

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You are awesome uwu
May 31st 2023 02:42