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(Hercules )
28 / Male / Its Complicated
Manhattan , New York - United States
Welcome Mortals and immortals. Hercules is a man of many story's but you're about to learn a new one. A mix of hercs around the many realms and universe's.

Born on Olympus but raised on earth. After his uncle Hades had sent his henchmen to kill baby Hercules. They couldn't kill him but they made him mortal. Still stronger than any mortal. But this is the twist, he was then taken down to the underworld. Eventually escaping after Zeus heard about his son's sudden disappearance. He was once again living in Olympus to only be sent back down to earth. Zeus had sent his son back to show Hercules what it really meant to be human. That's where he would end up meeting Phil. Some training and time he would become the Hercules the world would soon learn to love.

He would then meet Meg through Hades. Falling in love within the months of being together he would protect her while protecting the other humans. But she then gave Hades the key of killing him once more. Feeling hurt but after finding out the truth he would try to save Meg just to end up being captured by Hades again. Locked up and thought dead. Meg was upset as she thought Hercules had left her to die and stay in the deepest part of the underworld. So she kills Hade's and takes his world and throne. Finding out late that Hercules had been captured by Hades but she was far gone towards the evilness that she simply sent to earth to show him what true pain and suffering looks like. Which in this time he was sent back durning the turn of the modern Era.

< Occupation < Part time Model > < Part time Home Retailer>

Still learning what it means to be a normal being in the modern Era but with what strength and God like powers it's has made it much more difficult.

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