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22 / Female / Single
N/A, Ohio - United States
A couple things about me!

♡ It often takes me a bit to warm up to somebody, but once I do, you'll be met with a sarcastic girl who loves dark humour!

♡ I love reading and writing, and watching anime!

♡ I'm a huge weeb that simps for a lot of anime characters - females and males alike.

♡ I'm in a couple Fandoms, some of those being My Hero Academia, and Creepypasta. It ranges.

♡ I am bisexual, but am not looking for love or anything at the moment.

♡ I roleplay — obviously — and I have OCs for tons of different things!

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Hi friend
Jan 19th 2021 12:11

Jan 18th 2021 18:36

Dec 24th 2020 00:41

-bows-thanks for adding me^^ hope we can discuss a roleplay sometime soon. Don't have many rules, but I have a good portion of my character descriptions posted^-^
Nov 30th 2020 01:58