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OOC: Ooookiiiie, lets do this for the Unmemorable'th time "tiered face" Hehe, sorry, its just that I've done this before, on this site's sister pages:D Now then, how do I introduce myself this time...?

Deadpool: Oh, Jesuspool, man! Get it? "Passion of the Christ, then me, at least domestically". Now just in case some of you didn-"snorting laugh", SORRY, so sorry...let's try that again. Jus-s-s-s-hhihh-hih.."cough, cough." ... Sor-hy "hawking" Aaaah, that's funny. I mean, you guys caught on, right? With the name crossing and everything, I mean? Obviously all of you get what that is a reference to! Anyway, as much as I would LOVE to keep talking to you guys... I think I better let MR. Snooze continue. It's just... he takes SO long! He just never stops talking, its annoying! Anyway, hitting the Snooze button in 3, 2, ............and a-1.

Deadpool: Yes, my son?
OOC: Not you!
Deadpool: What, Jesuspool not good enough for ya? Wait...Jusus...God....Jesus, the son of ...... Eh, close enough.
OOC: done yet?
Deadpool: "gasp" My spinach puffs! "Makes a mad dash towards the kitchen."

OOC: Hehe, hope you all enjoyed that :) But in all honesty, you guys, I'm just a writer for fun who wants to entertain and tell stories:) I'll list some favorites in terms of verses, due to having written characters tied to those or due to pure nostalgia and interest :D

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|| Of course. Do whatever suits you! I can't wait!
Aug 23rd 2020 19:47

|| It never popped up for me, and because I’d replied in private, I had no idea. I’m happy to skip to the party. :)
Aug 23rd 2020 13:19

|| Phew! I was worried you hated me for a moment there! But yay! If you like! It’s totally up to you if you wish to skip to the party or night.
Aug 23rd 2020 11:18

|| Hey hun. I didn't see your comment but I'm not ignoring you! I sent a reply ages ago. A week or more.
Aug 23rd 2020 07:25

I’m doing good ,its good hearing from ya :P

Hope eventually we can get something going when your free :P
Jun 21st 2020 11:16

How’re ya doing?
Jun 21st 2020 01:24