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(Tana Lightfoot)
29 / Female / Single
Arizona - United States
18+ ONLY. This means you.

Feline Shifter

If you want to know more about Tana, look thru the ample selection of blogs.
Rules are in there somewhere too.

Latest Comments

My life makes sense again!
Aug 1st 2017 01:17

Jul 31st 2017 09:33

Why yes, yes indeed!
Nov 2nd 2016 10:14

Feeling chatty are we??
Oct 12th 2016 01:15

Nope :D
Jun 1st 2016 17:36

-Rolls around on her wall as a payback, leaving a huge mess.-
Jun 1st 2016 17:21

6 days ago. Shut up, a week is nothing! xD
May 15th 2016 07:39

I'm always around, sadly. Lol.
May 15th 2016 00:50

Well it's been ceremoniously retired!
Apr 11th 2016 16:48

I did.. I only had ThroatPoker because it's an inside joke with some friends and one of them talked me into signing up here, so I used it. She deleted, so no reason to keep it. Classy as it was ;) lol
Apr 11th 2016 13:44