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somebody just f***ing kill me
0  7 hours ago

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Q. It sometimes puzzles me, just how amazing you are. Any explanation?
A. Hmm. I just like being a nice person.
 Nov 16th 2020 16:25

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psssst exactly
Apr 25th 2021 19:18

psssst I guess it's a tie
Apr 25th 2021 19:12

psssst, me.
Apr 25th 2021 19:03

psssst, then no it's still you
Apr 25th 2021 18:55

psssstttt...unless you did something you're not telling me about, then it's you
Apr 25th 2021 18:44, it's you
Apr 25th 2021 18:40

Pssst... no you
Apr 25th 2021 18:29

I love you too bestie. I think you're amazing too :) *hugsss*
Jan 23rd 2021 19:14

I think you areeeee. And love you toooooo
Nov 14th 2020 18:52

I love you too, bestie
Sep 26th 2020 21:16