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21 / Female / Single
California - United States

Note: will play ocs 99.999% of the time, au or otherwise

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My discord, Sockatine#2584

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Here's a list of some fandoms I'm in, and may rp! If you don't see yours in here, please introduce me to it and I'll see if it's my cup of tea!

•Transformers prime, g1, animated, and movies
•Nightmare on Elm Street
•Friday the 13th
•Child's Play, 2018 and original series
•Doki Doki Literature Club 
•Prototype series
•Assassin's Creed (Assassin's Creed I-Syndicate)
•The Walking Dead: Telltale games, AMC series
•Portal series
•Lord of the Rings (movies)
•The Hobbit (movies)
•One Punch Man
•Mob Psycho 100 
•Gravity Falls
•Over the Garden Wall
•Dragonball, anime, DBZ, DBS
•jjba, anime, parts 1-5
•One Piece, anime
•Demon Slayer, anime/movie
•Squid Game

"*" means I'm debating whether or not to actually enter the fandom.

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((Not me losing rps and partners bc I'm never on and always at work and the only thing bringing me joy anymore is Kingdom Hearts-))
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He was supposed to be impressed with her mental will. But it was safe to say he was /not/. All of that, they almost died from a huge skeleton fist, and she wanted to bounce around all happy? This is what you'd consider insanity.

Right after she got herself off said horse, Han practically fell off himself, exhausted mainly emotionally than physically. But both. Both worked. Now begrudgingly off, he hopes she's as traumatized as him. Or maybe a little more so he could play the care game and act as if he wasn't... another reason to get pissed. He couldn't distract himself with pampering some chic.

He frowns at the flyer and next thing he knows shes hugging him. Yes, it was soft. He'll give her that. But still, he pulls off quickly, not reciprocating at all. Running his hand through his hair, he grunts and shakes his head. "We almost got crushed and you wanna do a victory hug?" He raises his eyebrows as if she's the most ridiculous creature in this universe AND his. Again... he's mainly mad he can't mask his shakenness with comforting someone.

He takes the page from her hand and doesn't even look all that glad, you know, for someone who's occupation was doing this for a living. He tries to focus on the 0's. "Yeah, great, money." It was time to throw down the 'I'm gonna be extra grumpy and not say what's wrong' d-d-d-d-duel card. "You're ridiculous." It came out less lighthearted and more with some actual malice as he presses the card back to her against her chest, and his feigned annoyed walk starts past her. He doesn't even know which way he's going.
Jul 6th 2022 04:21

:: Hey could you resend your reply? Its glitching on my screen lmao
Jul 6th 2022 03:02

Why was this place so fond of being creepy? Han had dealt with some huge monsters in the past, usually with a whole squad of people. The clear difference here though, was the fact that this 'monster' was very obviously from Hell's kitchen or something. The red eyes on the skeleton in some peoples perception may be classified as cliche- but that's almost what made it creepier. The blatantness of it all.
That could be as comforting as discomforting.

Han was a little shocked to say the least when the horse actually showed fear and a want to live. He didn't think this plan was full-proof entirely (actually, he expected the horse to fall flat in a puddle of goop) so he was quickly excited when it went as Heroic as it looked for the split second in his head when he approached the whole idea.

He listened to Alma, they were simple directions. Follow. The. String. No problem. He was just worried this horse would give up as fast as it gave in. It felt almost impossible it would keep consistent stamina- then again, what the hell did he know about dead things other than that they were useless in most cases? Other than this one.

Left, right, dodge, dodge, easy, easy. The skeleton wasn't all that much of a braniac with its grabbing. (Kind of a bonehead if you ask me.) In the midst of it all, Han subconsciously grabbed her arm around him and pulled it closer. Not in a usual ploy to start something up, purely out of protective instinct. And this may have been mentioned before but, sh*t.. he didn't hate her at all. So that was new. So far at least.
Jul 2nd 2022 05:41

In stead of staying there and aiming, Han made the dumb-maybe-not-too-dumb decision of killing two birds with one stone and shooting the 'man' (questionable) WHILE running towards it. Thankfully nothing happened and he went down with gold shards, but he wondered if it would even stay down. So with that, he hopped on the horse and gave it a confused look before forcing himself to learn it from observation. Steering it towards Leni he gave a shout, "ON." He wasn't about to let either of them be eaten up by something even BIGGER. That wasn't on his bucket list, as thrill seeking as he seemed.
Jun 18th 2022 10:33

// Quick question before I reply, when Han shoots the dude dead, is the horse mountable?
Jun 14th 2022 14:46

Han was more than amazed. There was no doubt about it. The hair was literally standing up on the back of his neck. But he tried to pocket it away; money was on the mind. "Yep. Hard to miss it." At least it was a genuine With that reply, he's already grabbing his lighter back and glancing at her, then over to the pile of goop.

Twirling the blaster on his finger, he begins walking off already but with a small snide grin. "Think we have this in the bag no problem."
Jun 14th 2022 11:05

"Well, good." It'd better be angry after trying to attack them both. What was so bad about that? Han stays bitter and stares while she talks.. but admittedly he had more heart than a lot of people out in the galaxy so something in him softened up pretty quick when she got all personal. His eyes dart to the healing line she displayed so strongly. It was worse looking than she was letting on... but comforting and coddling wasn't an option right now.

Han turns his head to the striga and is already reaching into his pocket to pull out the chunky lighter, shoving it into her palm, quick and easy. "Looks like my shots did do some good afterall." Watching the curves of the gold against the dark, it was almost like one of those fancy little shows.

He shot again, taking a few steps to instinctually be a step or two in front of Alma in case this plan didn't work out like they thought.
Jun 12th 2022 18:30

As soon as Alma was screaming for his safety, Han was looking around for whatever the hell snuck up like that. It all went by so quick he could barley get a blink in. While he was being grabbed, he didn't want to run. "ARE YOU CRAZY?" He growls and has his arm extended out behind them. He took three shots blindly towards where he assumed it was - and still she runs.

Han's sighing, exposed chest rising and falling. Not just from the fact they had to run a little too far from beefed up Mr. Owl, but also from the fact he was frustrated the whole time. Han's looking straight at her. 'ARE YOU OKAY?' His face shifts in disbelief. "If you would've just let me take 'em we could be even better!" He shouts. Sure he was a little scratched up but that wasn't in his worries right now. "What's the point of a two-man army and a golden gun if I can't use it, huh!" It's kinda hard to scold her but he can't handle it. He wants to ask what makes her commander, but he WAS in HER universe. So that calms him down just a smidge.
Jun 12th 2022 16:29

"Demons, huh?" Han's just seconds away from saying something like 'well guess who's the real demon here, baby? me!' until she's reached her hand out. "I get you're all pink and whatnot, but that's not really necessary." He gives her before he continues their walk with his finger on the blaster. He read the sign but barley even took it in. Warning signs were for people who were unsure of themselves anyways.

"Nothing's destroying my mind.." He mumbles..he knew it wasn't...because half of him didn't even believe it to be possible. Thank God that seemed to help him in a lot of cases since spirits were usually unaffective by people like that. "This place couldn't be gloomier?" He speaks into the odd silence.

Reaching into his boot, he pulls out a lighter. It was like an Earth lighter except it was slightly bigger, heavier, and made of steel. Humans really thought the future would be smaller and more sleek. Nupe. Flicking it on, the flame was bright green. Turning his back to the forest (bad idea), he looks down at her. "This is what happens when you don't have any normal fuel and use stupid crystals for colorful lasers."
Jun 10th 2022 09:19

"If you wanna name my blaster, go crazy..." Han mumbles, not totally sold on the idea but letting her have her fantasy. "It sure does work though. So hey. Thanks for that." Han gives her a pat on the shoulder and starts walking, waving the flicks of gold in the air away. Even though he was striding past her it was hard to really 'ignore' her, not that he was trying to but it could've looked that way. No, though. It'd be impossible.

A part of him wants to fire it at something again. I mean...cmon. "So how far in the forest you think our guy is?" He asks, sure he could take on about anything with this golden gun.
Jun 9th 2022 17:48