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(Harley Quinn)
29 / Female / Broken Hearted
Gotham, New York - United States
Hush little baby, don’t say a word.
Momma’s gonna kill for you the whole damn world.
And if they don’t laugh at our jokes,
Momma’s gonna stab out their goddamn throats.

Latest Questions

Q. Harley calm down!I didn't mean to upset you...
A. You didn't, sweetheart. Don't worry this lil ol' bat won't hurt cha
 Jan 4th 2018 11:58

Q. Um, it wasn't a joke, I was just asking a question...
A. It's a joke to me! I mean c'mon! Staying with someone like that for so long got boring, like trying to see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootise pop.
 Jan 4th 2018 11:52

Latest Comments

"Harley! There you are. I was just on my way to free you from Arkham! How did you get out this time?"
May 5th 2020 19:50

//thanks for accepting, would love to rp sometime.
Jul 31st 2019 23:54

Would rp but it's hard for me to do starters.
Jul 13th 2018 23:29

" Gee. We're doing pretty good, thanks for asking Harley. And you know what? I know a GREAT game we could play.. since you're up for that. It's called 'lock the clown back in her cell'. "
Apr 13th 2017 22:24