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(Mary Lady )
27 / Other / Single
Hello lovelies, my name is Mary, welcome to my page ~

Second, I'm a switch, and packing. I'm open to most, so don't hesitate to come and discuss about your ideas.

Third, I'm about quality over quantity. I prefer having 4/5 quality roleplays than 20 at the same time. I don't enjoy juggling between many Rp's at the same time. I want you, just like me, to enjoy this RP. I also don't do one liner, I find it boring, sorry. English is not my first language, but it is more than decent, so if you are a grammar nazi, you better not add.

Do not try to control my char in RP(beside for small things). I'll always be respectful outside of RP and enjoy talking if we're not role-playing.

And for last, I'm here to have fun, not drama. I will unfriend if you spam or make any troubles.

Thank you,

Lady Mary ~

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