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(James (Jim) Millennium)
28 / Male / Single
United States
IOpen to do all roleplays

Name: James Miller
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Adult Height: 5’11”
Place of Origin: Rasidian Family
Likes: Exploring
Dislikes: Hatred, Abandoned
Fears: Spiders, Not worthy enough in front of his father
James was born in the Rasidian Family, who are the richest in the city of Oak. He had a lot of Daddy issues. He was the only son and his father never saw him running the family business, he never deemed James worthy. After constantly trying to prove to his father, he stopped and set out to explore himself with jobs and hiding his identity from everyone.Please read carefully.

I can only do 3 roleplays at a time. If you are not one of them then I won't reply.
If you are on my second page, I won't reply
If your account is new, I won't roleplay with you, we can just talk for a few minutes then I'll block you.

I have a few quick questions before you pop up and send me a starter/message/greeting. Do keep these questions ready before sending me anything.
What genre do you like?
Who is your character?
Do you do er*t*ca in your roleplays?
Are you 18+?
How fast are your replies?
How long do you write?
Are you a regular on this website?
Do you have discord?
Do you like Strawberry or Banana?
Can you share one of your reply so that I may know your writing style? (Reply not starter)

I am down for any kind of roleplay. I once did a pet cat roleplay for a female character. So yeah!

If you have read till the end, Message me!
Discord if you want: Millennium#9167

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Dec 26th 2020 23:02

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