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(Lieutenant Anderson)
53 / Male / Its Complicated
Detroit, Michigan - United States
❝ — - Guess it ain't such a lonely world after all. ❞


Latest Questions

Q. Hank? What Hogwarts House are you in?
A. Uuuh— that one with the lion and red n’ sh*t. God, what was it? Griffondur? Griffder?
 Aug 14th 2018 18:51

Q. Hank? What would you think if I decided to go to the commune?
A. Well, if you want, I’d say go for it. You’s be amongst your own kind, able to help them out, too.
 Aug 11th 2018 23:43

Latest Comments

Aug 4th 2018 19:28

i feel bad for ur hank,
he has to deal with my markus
Jul 9th 2018 15:57

Jun 24th 2018 22:32