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18 / Female / Single

To keep it simple, I'm a romance roleplayer who will roleplay with both real-life and anime face claims. I've been roleplaying for about five years now. Read my rules. That's all I ask, they're your basic rules and trust me, it's pretty obvious when you haven't read them.
I'm pretty open to most things, just ask and we'll look into it together. Simple as that. I'm pretty friendly so I'm not going to be an a**hole because you came to me with something I'm not so fond of.

MxF, MxM and FxF are all allowed.

I have a life, a fun life actually. You are not my number one priority. I am out almost every weekend, I have bad days, I work both at home and away from home, you get the idea. Do excuse me if I'm away without warning.

No, I do not want to move to another site with you.
No, I do not want to join an inappropriate roleplay group.
No, I do not want to end our roleplay. If I wanted to end it, I would have told you.

Now that we're past all that, come message me.

Latest Status

That's it. I'm gonna try not to post about whether I'm replying soon or not. Most of you are good but the rest needs to understand that I'm a really busy person, especially as of this moment and just because I'm online, doesn't mean I have time all of a sudden.
0  21 minutes ago

Latest Questions

Q. I love you b**** I AINT never gonna stop lovin you.... b****
A. *Swoons*
 Jul 13th 2020 01:23

Q. Sorry for taking so long, but I'm trying to get to it now. Exams are a hassle. ;w;
A. It’s okay. Take your time :)
 Jan 30th 2018 22:28

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We miss you!!!! Hope everything gets a bit easier!
Jul 15th 2020 03:31

(Read full comment. Don't assume lol)
Boi you be lyin when your thing says you also write single paragraphs and semi paragraphs. You're writing like three or four my guy. Which I would rather you write just the multi paras anyways so keep it up lol. Btw this is a compliment
Jul 11th 2020 03:10