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(Akay Ryung)
23 / Male / Broken Hearted
Jinju-si, Korea (South)
You broke me

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//OK i would really love someone to make Gina which is basically Ryungs PA/Boss cause she is epic and a few people who i rp with agree lol
2  18 hours ago

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BOXER asked the question
Q. Hello hi, I'm Hyunjin. First off I think you're pretty cool and I hope you don't kill me over what I'm about to say.
Listen here you big mouthed, small nippled, masochist, you're taking away all my attention by being prettier than me.
A. Wow you just named some of my best features there
Sorry pretty boy but the attention i get isn’t always something i want. But then again i am good looking
 Sep 7th 2020 12:03

sungho asked the question
Q. *clears throat* AhEm

okay let's begin. you look like you have very soft hair, and you're very pretty. I like your tattoos !! and your piercings, 10/10 would maybe get if i ever get over my deathly fear of pain. you look very kind too
A. Well thanks man
 Sep 7th 2020 10:49

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I don't care if i know your past or not, everyone has one, i have skeletons in my own closet but you're not bare, you're just overthinking and being a daft twat. Instead of TALKING TO HIM.
Aug 12th 2020 17:39

Or what, Ryu? Hm?
Aug 12th 2020 17:34

No he didn't. You said he and i quote'may as well have" so f***ing talk to him, then i'll back tf off man. Grow some balls, you big baby!
Aug 12th 2020 17:29

How is that manning up? Huh?
Aug 12th 2020 17:25

Man tf up, bro
Aug 12th 2020 17:23