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(Mickey Uputio)
116 / Female / Single
Illinois - United States
I just wanna rp i don’t care what type of rp but I’m a lesbian and I don’t like creeps so if you know you are one just stay away from me please. I’ll rp anything but not anime or anything based of a show sorry . I don’t mind you being older as long as you don’t mind me being a little younger . I’ll accept most friend request but keep in mind I’m not that dominant and I’m not into men but other than that I’ll rp anything you want. I’m literate and can really go with the plot no matter what direction you want to take it , if we do n*fw I’m a sub and other than that I’m actually a little but if your not comfortable with that it’s okay . Also I loveee older woman anyways bai

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Q. Boo
A. Yess
 Jun 25th 2021 06:35

Q. How much do you love me on a scale from all-the-love to the maximum-amount-of-love?
A. Hmmm is there anything past the maximum amount of love
 Jun 14th 2021 16:22

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*Stares intensely from afar.*
Oct 4th 2021 23:16