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Miaplacidus's Blog


[[•]]Name: Blaze
[[•]]Age: 23-24

[[•]]Gender: Male

•has a secret dark side

-Height: 186cm
-Weight: 90kg
-Hair: black
-Body: fit

[[•]]Weakness: Unknown

[[•]]Backstory: Unknown (for the sake of making the rp fun)

[[•]]Likes: alcohol, puppies, going to the cinema
[[•]]Dislikes: cleaning, bananas

[[•]]Smokes: yes
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[[•]]Name: Mazerine
[[•]]Age: 26

[[•]]Gender: Female

•often seen as serious and strict
•actually sarcastic
•might have a secret soft side

-Height: 169cm
-Weight: 55kg
-Hair: long, wavy pink
-Body: fit

[[•]]Weapon of choice: Literally everything

[[•]]Weakness: Unknown

[[•]]Backstory: Mazerine was born in a family with only her father by her side. He was a mafia boss and Mazerine was part of his mafia from a young age. At first she ran little errands, like transporting stuff. As she got older she was taught to use guns and other weapons, that's when she also started taking on more serious jobs, such as killing people. Blood and dead bodies never bothered her, it was the opposite- they fascinated her. She had inherited her bloodlust from her father, making them two the most merciless creatures on this planet.

When Mazerine turned 17 her father died, being shot straight into his heart. For an unknow reason Mazerine didn't shed a single tear for him, no one ever found out why, even though she and her father were really close.

She took over the mafia without a second thought. Her father had thought her the most important things she had to know before she was even 15. It wasn't anything difficult, just as she was promised. She even managed to gather hundred new trustworthy men and became known for being one of the most biggest mafia bosses, owning millions of dollars and a thousands of weapons that kept coming in nonstop.

[[•]]Likes: coffee, home-made cookies, guns and the smell of gunpowder, shopping
[[•]]Dislikes: useless people, cold food, violin

[[•]]Smokes: yes
[•]]Drinks: yes

//This picture is just to show how she looks. (She does not own any social media)
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[[•]]Name: Drayce

[[•]]Age: 25

[[•]]Species: Human
[[•]]Gender: Male

•has a secret harsh and a strict side
•can be perverted from time to time
•likes to joke around to relieve stress

-Height: 187cm
-Weight: 90kg
-Hair: black
-Body: fit

[[•]]Power/Magic: Gold manipulation

[[•]]Weapon of choice: Drayce wears a lot of accessories which are made out of pure gold. There's also little bags hidden between his clothes that are filled with gold coins. He uses these items for manipulation, that way he doesn't have to always look around for gold when he needs to use his powers.

[[•]]Weakness: Unknown

[[•]]Backstory: Drayce was born in the most nicest and caring family ever. His mother was an angel who loved to help everyone possible, gave best advice and made best home-made cookies. His father was a monster hunter, one of the best in the kingdom. He thought Drayce how to fight from a young age and even hired a special person to develop his powers to a better state.

When Drayce's mother died after a serious illness his father became harsh and strict. He couldn't stand seeing Drayce do nothing important with his life and put him into an army at the age of 13. At first it felt horrible to be forced into fighting like this, but seeing how good he was made him feel different.

Eventually Drayce became inspired by fighting to become stronger. He liked the adrenaline it brought him, the victories from dead enemies and the appreciations from the saved people. He became one of the best knights out there. As years passed by a close friend, who died couple years ago, suggested that he and Drayce could use their strength to serve a royalty. Most royal guards didn't even deserve the title they carried. Drayce and the friend were more than suitable for those jobs, because not only were they strong, but also caring and could understand human emotions better than anyone else.

After Drayce's last fight as a knight, where he also lost many of his dear friends, he finally decided to change his path to becoming a royal guard.

[[•]]Likes: the sound of a piano, rain, kids, dancing
[[•]]Dislikes: pickles, bullies

[[•]]Smokes: Sometimes
[[•]]Drinks: Yes
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★Your English has to be good! No constant reckless typos nor text talk while roleplaying

☆You have to be able to write at least a paragraph! I like to put a lot of effort into my stories and writings. I'd be happy if you'd do the same

★This is not anything strict, but in order to keep the story going, we could at least write one reply a week. If you don't give me any replies in 7 days then you'll be deleted.

☆Please be at least 18. I don’t feel comfortable rping with younger people, since I tend to dive into dark themes.

★FxM and FxF romance only

☆No furries, since that stuff is just weird

★No overpowered characters

☆No controlling my character(s)

★No ero

☆Don't spam me, I also have a life outside this site and it will just make me block you

★As unfair as it sounds, but if you don't live up to my expectations then you'll be deleted. Feel free to do the same to me.

☆When talking outside the rp, please use / or ()

★3rd person only

☆OCs only, since I don't do fandom roleplays.

I think I explained it all as easily as possible, so I assume everyone understands what I expect from them
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