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He is out in Shiirhuang again, having to stop by many different places to get the stuff he needs. He also has to start looking for a gift for TiHao, for his standards, he is already late on everything. But he is a hurry to finish their new house, so.that they can leave and move there, without inconveniencing BangSul any further.
He is well aware there is a Qiu manor in Shiirhuang and he wouldn't need to buy another, but he simply doesn't manage to relax if he doesn't put the money out.

After TiShan stabilised, he started to - over - work on the house, salvaging all the old stuff while getting rid of it, he almost has to rebuild the manor entirely. At least it's not very big, but perfectly fitting in size for a family of their numbers, including the incoming baby and MoonPil, should he still want to live with them.
This time he wants to make the place really their own, personalising it well, especially the bedrooms.

He stops in the middle of the street and places a arm behind his back, pressing it against the spot that always bothered him.
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Ever since that occurrence, he hasn't left home once. He literally spends his whole days curled up on the couch and whole nights curled up on the bed.
It would have taken even less than seeing that man to push him off his precarious balance again, and that face was like a ram against it.
Though, he doesn't try anything wrong, he is just scared to go anywhere. He knows to be pregnant by now and he would never risk the baby to get hurt in any way.
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W h o/y.

Lately, TiShan is always around him, both at home and when he goes out. He wants to always be together, do things together, be the one who teleports him around and so on and on.
It never happened before, but it actually makes WonPil happy. Finally they are getting closer, as he always wanted.

They even started decorating TiShan's room together, painting the walls and making it more personalized. Of course he is helping WonZi too, while also starting to think about the room for the future child. He still doesn't know if he is pregnant, but wants to give for granted he is — and he actually is.

it's morning and they are out in the market, of a small town, to buy some ingredients used to make paint.
Suddenly, WonPil totally freezes and starts to panic, without any apparent reason.
TiShan tries to understand what's the matter and he actually sees a strange person, that he suspects to be the cause of that distress. He tries to intervene, but his father only claims to go back home immediately, without even buying what they went there for.

TiShan obeys and teleports WonPil home, where they stay until TiHao and WonZi come back from school. At that point, without saying anything and not even warning about the worrying matter, TiShan leaves and heads to Shiinden.
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Moving on.

The conversation with WuXin of the previous night was literally mind-blowing on many sides, for him. First of, his friend made him realise the big flaw on his plan: the fact it would most likely not bring to result he wanted, but rather make things worse than they were. After seeing that clearly, he definitely lost the will to commit such a crazy act, also understanding how dangerous it would be, messing up with the past like that.
He is relieved that he didn't do it, in the end.

Another important thing for him was to find out the truth about the time in Cloud Recesses. The fact his family didn't come to see him there felt to him like the clear proof they'd have been better if he had died, or wasn't with them in general. But it turned out that it was nothing true, they didn't come because they couldn't. He also thought that the reason TiHao didn't go was that he resented him for what happened, which led to all his mental films and stupid convinctions.
He is not angry at WuXin for keeping them away from him, either, he is only relieved by the truth but also sorry for misunderstanding and doubting TiHao like that.

The next morning, he wakes up later than usual and remains bed for a while. He had a weird dream, which left him very thoughtful.
As he gets up, he realises that he is a girl again. It didn't happen in years, ever since TiShan's birth. He even thought that the problem solved on its own, but doesn't overreact to find out it's not so. He just gives himself a quick glance in the mirror and leaves the room to go to the bathroom.
He prepares for the day, wearing manly clothes, not even caring if they look good or bad on that body.

He moves to the kitchen and prepares himself a decent breakfast. He literally can't remember when was the last time he had some proper food for breakfast, instead of nuts and random snacks like that. It's as if he had just woken up from a very long slumber.
MoonPil soon joins him there and, after being explained the situation, has breakfast together with him.
Since everyone is already out for school - supposedly, or to other business - his brother insists on spending some time together, since it rarely happened in the last weeks, due to WonPil being always away for his missions.

He really wants to get back to normal and now he is on the right path for it.

MoonPil teleports them to Shiinden, where they have to take some stuff before heading out.
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He thought a lot, about the best way to end his life. The way that will be the least burdensome for the others, that is.
He doesn't want to traumatize his children with such a thing, nor to give TiHao a hard time. Plus, if he just died like that, he wouldn't achieve anything of what he wants the most: fix his mistakes.

He had already made a plan, about it, in case he wouldn't manage to find TiHao's powers with all his efforts. Qi's harshness just pushed him towards plan B, demotivating him from continuing to try. He clung to the hope that, if he had found TiHao's powers, everything would get solved. His pain would go away and he would just be like before.

He has taken the decision and he is sadly at peace with it. All he needs is to find a way to make his plan possible, since he intends to go back in time to kill the WonPil of that time, consequently disappearing too.
He chose carefully the moment he thought to be the most appropriate: few days after WonZi's birth. That way, he wouldn't cause any of his children not to be born and WonZi would be too little to understand what happens around him, or to feel the loss.
He couldn't do much to spare the others from the possibility they would suffer from his death, but at least he can count on the fact that the present versions of them will have overcome everything.
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