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However things go in the other RP, he finally decides to go to Ri's home to get his weapons back. Being kidnapped was a harder strike than one would expect, even if he tries to joke about it and pretend it was nothing.
He feels more vulnerable and also quite dumb for being captured so easily. But his feelings are for another time.

Since there is this new 'plan B', in case something wrong happens to pretend he lives in the same apartment as LaNi, Kori and Kun, and since both he and LaNi have business there, they decide to go together.
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The next morning after the failed date, he wakes up with a tremendous backache due to sleeping in an uncomfortable position, half on the couch and half on the floor.
The little table by the couch counts at least 8 empty bottles of soju that he drank on an almost empty stomach.
While throwing the bottles away, the effects of that bad idea trigger and he has to rush to the bathroom, vomiting even his soul a few times.

But since in his mind such thing as 'stay home due to being sick' doesn't actually exist, he takes a shower, wears his usual cheap and comfortable clothes and goes to the club for the usual work he does in it. He is paler than a ghost due to being so sick.
Only while going out of home.he finally realises that he forgot his phone inside TiHao's car, the precious evening. He still feels sad too.

Reached the club, he puts the glasses of the bar in the dishwashers, turns it on and heads to clean the bathrooms first, so that he is close enough, since he still feels nauseous.
Done with the bathrooms, he washes the floors, cleans the tables and the furniture, places the glasses back to their place from the dishwasher and heads out in the street in front of the place, to distribute leaflets to people who walk by, to advertise the club, hoping to attract some customers.
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Now, he kinda knows what he should do, the problem with him is how he develops his plans. xD
He wants to bring Hori to his enemy MoonBin (the fired Avatar of Fried), but first of all he wants to make sure that himself will not get killed bad and that TiHao will stay safe too. He got it that it's a dangerous situation and he doesn't want to risk to piss off Hori or to make him suspicious about him.
What he is really doing right now is to buy time, invent all the possible sh*t to slow down Hori from reaching the sea, where he said he'd be able to spread the plague far and wide.

He has the phone he stole from Ri with him, but he is a bit scared of pulling it out to use it. He thinks Hori would know what he is trying to do if he sees him, so he decides to send the call while keeping the phone in the pocket.
He calls the number of the phone SangPil stole from Lay and just waits some time, sending very equivocal smiles to Hori.
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성 원필.

Name: Seong WonPil (성 원필).
Birthday: O5.11.2OO1. (Age: 18)
Birth place: Samjiyon, Ryanggang Province, Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
Occupation: Air Force Soldier.
Rank: Private First Class.
Father's rank: Senior Colonel.
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The next day, as the Avatars wake up and gather, they are briefed on what MoonBin did and that they know where the remaining northern Avatars are.

And they go to hunt them down.
The remaining are Chaos, Love and Magic. One of them is Tomiel.
Chaos and Love aren't just running away, they are very angry since their partners Death and Nature were killed and now they want revenge.
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