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༼⁠;⁠´⁠༎ຶ⁠ ⁠۝ ⁠༎ຶ⁠༽
(⁠༎ຶ⁠ ⁠෴⁠ ⁠༎ຶ⁠)
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Since BangSul and Hoseok know the location of WonPil's residence in Fengshii, and since the second often comes to bother and makes them feel unsafe, the family decides to move again. HaoLin insists on that, because he is not sure if GinRo could even stand a chance in a fight against the Avatar of Darkness and he wants to be at peace, while in school.

HaoLin searches for a new home for them three by himself, to avoid dragging too many eyes. After all, nobody asks for his age, they just give for granted he is the age he looks like.

They are aware that they will never manage to sell the house in Fengshii, so they'll just keep it there.
HaoLin earned a lot of money with his little works and he even won a competition, so he is able to look for more decent houses. He plans to lie to WonPil on the price, to not make him feel uncomfortable, so the look of the building must match with the price he will say.

At home, they pack the very few belongings they have and prepare to move right away, when HaoLin tells that he bought the new house. Most of their baggages consist in jars of conserves and dry meat.
They move the same day as Hao bought the house and GinRo comes with them even there. Turns out that the kitsune is actually WonPil's ancestor, which is why he has always been so attentive towards them.

The new house is in a village not far from HuYu, but a bit more remote. It's near the sea too, colder, but decent. The building is right inside the village and attached to other houses, making the neighbour very close, but it's also rather private.
There is a small garden behind, surrounded by a tall bamboo fencing, covering the entire space from the view of outsiders.
The house is made of rock, rather old and cold, not luxurious and smaller than the one in Fengshii.
It has three small bedrooms, a storage room, a kitchen-living room and a bathroom, all indoor. There is also a proper fireplace, which is a luxury compared to the old house and its buckets.
Mattresses and pillows made of quality materials, not straw. All in all, it seems a dream house, especially for the price of just 2 gold and 80 silver. (Real price 4 gold and 50.)

The village itself is nice. It's full of humans, mostly commoners and peasants, not many inhabitants, no nobles, a colorful market just a few metres from home and a little pantheon too.
The sea nearby, though, is no beach material. The coast is rocky, tall and there is no sand. The water looks scary, rather than appealing for a swim.

As soon as they move to the new house, WonPil hurries to cover almost every window with curtains, to make the place feel even safer and more private.
GinRo places the wind protections even here, to keep people he personally doesn't approve out of the perimeter of the house. It can't be a ring, or it'd affect the neighbours' house too.

WonPil and Elton avoid to leave the building unless forced to. They have the garden to enjoy the rare sun and some fresh air, for the rest, they stay in the house. The temperature isn't warm, but slightly less rigid than in Fengshii.
They also avoid to take any pet, fearing that they could serve as spies to Bangsul.
They are aware of the fact that if someone like BangSul, or Hoseok, want to find someone there is probably no way to escape, but at least they try to be as careful as possible.
WonPil has been living in terror for all the past years and still is. Even more because the children who live with him could be exposed to that danger too.

Since the new house has this small garden, he decides to do as he planned even with the old one, and try to grow some plants. Not just edible ones, because he is not going to be unemployed forever. Despite HaoLin wouldn't mind it at all to provide for him, WonPil doesn't want his child to be burdened with providing for their family alone, at such a young age. Especially now that school began and he will have to travel back and forth to attend it.
As a matter of fact, WonPil is receiving some lessons by Benjamin himself, about potion making. Learning some simple, useful potions he could sell to make a living. The fact that in Xuanghen there aren't potionists, because people tend to only rely on Alchemists gives the chance to make a bit of money from the activity. Elixirs are good, but they can't cover everything and that's why potions exist, in every magically developed country.

As for Elton, he keeps focusing on kitchen and he isn't even sure if he will want to go to Malicedom at some point. For now, he is only 5 and WonPil won't push him to start school unless he claims to. Which he won't, Elton isn't a study lover and prefers to be home, having his new dad all for him and preparing delicious things for him and GeGe.
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Not longer after they had that discussion about him in the cave, Mort's phone started to get bombarded by pictures sent from his new phone, with a different number of course. It was a good thing they gave him a new phone, his own, that's in Elton's pocket, is almost 10 years old and the quality of its camera is what it is.
He is so hopeless when it comes to renew things, the problem is when he is in possession of something that doesn't get broken, therefore would last forever but would still need to be changed, every few years, to match the new quality standards.

Anyhow, the super HD pictures he sends them depict more wall paintings, much better quality inscriptions preserved really well and also more modern and advanced forms of expression, artefacts and even a book. He sends some pictures of the pages, that are written in a more complex code but still completely unknown. What seems clear, though, is that the writings in the book are a connected to the ones they found in the inscriptions. It's safe to say that the more simple symbols they found were the precursor of the more complex writing.
The culture they are observing certainly is ancient, but there are plenty of hints at the fact that it didn't disappear ages before, but continued developing, probably throughout the centuries and… even after the arrival of auriold.
The wall paintings still depicted many foxes, but also wolves, jackals and dogs. All these animals are represented in different contexts, as if they were deities.
*The wall paintings are all extremely ancient and they haven't yet found any more modern expression of art, besides the few drawings from the book, that mostly depict unknown, mysterious plants, including the one they found in that forest.

The very last picture WonPil sends them is the entrance of another underground labyrinth. This one, though, is not just digged into the earth, it's sculpted finely, with walls covering from ceiling to ground.
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When Amelis and Oliver come back from meeting with TiHao, she goes to check on WonPil right away.
He is still in bed, under the blankets. He has no idea how he ended up there and didn't feel like to ask about it. His first worry was Lani's release and thankfully Johnny helped him with that.

It's clear to him, at this point, that what he had wasn't just a dream. But he still doesn't understand most of it, what was that place and who was the Huli Jing, or the voice that said he'd be sent home. And why did the voice think that Riddle's manor is his home? He can't understand, but he is glad not to have woken up in his own house, in Fengshii.
He doesn't want to come to conclusions that could just crush him, though, if proven wrong. Like that one of those could be his father, or the gods, to then find out that his weird powers just did some of their sh*t on their own, like it sometimes happens, especially while he sleeps.

He snaps out of his thoughts when he feels Amelis's light touch on his face. She moves a wisp of his hair, then gently takes his hand.
«Did you have a good rest?»
«Ye… I feel like I had slept for days…» And it's not entirely wrong. «Yet I still feel so exhausted…»
Amelis starts to caress his head with the other hand. «It will get better. You just need to eat and spend some time in the warmth. You'll feel good again, I promise…»
WonPil looks away for a moment.
«I want you to take that kind of thoughts away from your mind. Your life is invaluable and so is your presence. Your light deserves to shine as bright as everyone else's, you have no reason to force it to fade.»
«I wish I could feel that way… but if that would happen, it wouldn't last. I learnt. I think that it's better when nothing improves…»
Amelis hugs him. «We won't let you fall. We will hold onto you.»
«Mianhamnida, for being this way… I'm so hopeless», he can't help but start to cry, still in her warm hug. «Everything I do is pointless, all my efforts and dedications are nothing… I am nothing…» He hides his face against his elbow, soaking all the sleeve in his tears. «I don't even deserve to feel my own pain… and react to it…»
«It's not your fault! Your feelings aren't guilt. And they aren't worth less than those of other people. You aren't unwelcome in this world, WonPil… it's equally yours, as for everyone else. You will always be special in my heart… not only for the person you are, but also for what you are», she whispers the last part.

Oliver suddenly walks in the room, with a tray in hands. «I didn't mean to interrupt. I thought WonPil might feel like to drink something hot.»
Amelis finally releases the other from her hug and looks at her son. «You had a wonderful idea, my dear. Here, WonPil should really eat something sweet too.»
«I brought some cookies.» Oliver places the tray on the small table next to the bed. «Please, have some», he invites, in a kind tone.
«Gomapseumnida…» WonPil's voice still trembles from the crying; he wipes his tears with the sleeve and takes hold of the cup of hot, white chocolate. «I… really… mollayo how I got here. I didn't mean to self-invite… and abuse of your hospitality like this…»
Amelis smiles and actually lets out a snicker. She looks as if she knows something, but won't reveal. «Don't think about it. The important is that you are here and we are so happy!»
«Shiinden people will probably be angry… and my children… they will worry, I think I just… disappeared…» he sobs.
Oliver places a hand on his shoulder. «Nobody is going to bother you here. If they are angry, they can hit each others' heads until they calm down. Your children should have been warned that you are here. Just in case, I will send a text to WonZi about it.»
Amelis kisses WonPil's head, treating him as if he was her child too. «I will leave you my boys, it's time to start the preparations for dinner!» She clearly has bad intentions, since it's like 5 pm.
«Gomapseumnida…» he murmurs once again and bows his head while Amelis walks away. Then, he finally takes a sip of chocolate. «Mortimer is an historian, do i remember correctly?»
«He is. Historian, cartographer, geography expert, history and geography teacher, anthropologist, ancient languages expert, archaeologist… if it's connected to history, you name it, he is it.» Oliver snorts, sitting down by a chair near WonPil's bed.
«I really need to talk to him. Is it possible?»
«Sure. We can call him over any time, except during school hours. I'll ask him if he can join for dinner, so you two can talk.»
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O. O. B. E.

Due to the intense feelings overwhelming him, he doesn't manage to eat a single thing, nor to get up for anything constructive.
Continuosly drifting off from the few hours of consciousness, he ends up falling into a brief coma, without even realising it.

He opens his eyes and finds himself in what would appear a really vast and luxurious garden, with a massive lake, trees, bridges and lanterns every here and there, often on the ground by weirdly shaped rocks.
Foxes everywhere, running as if in a national park entirely dedicated to them.
WonPil is absolutely certain to be having a dream, maybe a pleasant one, for a change. For the first time in so long, he doesn't feel cold, but at perfect ease. Maybe because of the awareness to be dreaming, he isn't scared nor worried, even of the possibility to see someone appear. He instantly thinks that at least two of his children would simply love that place. Maybe even WuXin.

He sits on a rock next to the entrance of a bridge, enjoying the gentle touch of sun on his skin. No wonder it's a dream, it has been snowing even in the desert, where would there be any sun in Nortrig right now?
A fox kit with golden fur suddenly climbs on his leg, reaching his lap, where it stretches it's front paws against his chest.
WonPil caresses it and the fox doesn't show any fear. «Do you live here? You should go to umma, I don't think she'd like you to have gone so far from here.»
He stands up, carrying the foxy with him, intending to find where its family is. He walks through the bridge and starts to circle the lake, wondering if the golden foxes are on the opposite side.

Reached the farthest end from where he found the kit, he notices a circular patio, close to the limit of an emerald wood. Not the usual spooky and unappealing one, he thinks it would probably be a wonderful place with a picnic with family, on a sunny Sunday.
Taking a second glance at the patio, he realises that it's not empty. There is someone inside of it, who is looking in his direction.
WonPil gathers some courage and decides to approach. Maybe that's the owner of the garden, or just another character of this delusion his mind is making up.

Close enough, he can't help but notice that the size of the man standing in the patio is much bigger than any auriold or human he has ever met. Wonderful. Did his mind decide to put an end to the peace right away, by creating some flesh-eating giant.
WonPil stops walking and bows to the man, less hesitantly than he would, if he wasn't sure that nothing is real. «Annyeong.» Since it's his dream, he has only been speaking Korean all along.
The other is wearing a strange robe, clearly eastern in style, but not in the Empire fashion. It's white, with exquisite red, green, black, blue and gold details and accessories. In WonPil's tastes, the man looks beautiful and noble. His nine, golden tails are decorated with rings of silver and emeralds, just like the hairpin locking part of his golden hair in a small ponytail behind his head.
Two locks of hair running down to the belt height frame the pale face. There is also a mask, very similar to that of WonPil's cloth, to the side of his head.
For a moment he wonders if that person is, somewhat, the representation of what he wishes he was himself. Big, dignified, confident and handsome.

«This place… it's so lovely. Do you live here?»
«No. But I come here whenever I have the chance», replies the other, in a kind and soothing tone.
WonPil can't remember anyone ever talking to him like that. «Oh… too bad. I think that I would like to live here. I could build a cabin by the lake, over there.» He glances at the water surface, reflecting the sky and the sun.
«In it not a bit too far, for you? To live here, one has to leave everything behind.»
«Mollayo how far it is, but at least I wouldn't be lonely here. These cheerful fellows would come to keep me company.» He lifts the golden fox kit to show him.
The other takes the furball from his hands and places if on the ground; the foxy happily hops towards the woods.
«Being here, away from anyone, would be worth it? This place can relax your soul, but can it be a home to you?»
«I don't have a real home. Just an ugly, haunted building in the worst place in the world. You should know it. At least it's warm and beautiful here.»
«You can stay. But that will mean you will not see the people in your heart for a long time. Are you sure it is what you want?»
WonPil sighs. «Almost everyone hates me, even the people I love. I can't help but know that my children, even those who remember me, would live much better without ms. Hao should have let me die. They would have gotten over it, after a bit, and live happily with only one parent. Now, they are just info constant stress because of me and the fact nobody will accept me.»
«The House of Fox is not a free gateway.»
WonPil tilts his head. «What does it mean?»
«You know.»
He has a suspect of what the other could mean, but would prefer a clear answer, regardless it's just his mind playing tricks. «Can you remind me of it better?»
«Sometimes, it takes a new damage to fix previous damage.»
He snorts. «I don't see how this should make it more clear to me…»
«You will see, when ready to accept it.»
«Depends on how I wake up.»
«Do you want to wake up?»
WonPil looks up at the other, then down, remaining silent.
«There is sun.»

_You will wake up, home_ a disembodied, soft whisper echoes across the entire place. Everything vanishes from his sight, in a beam of blinding, golden and green light.


WonPil simply disappears from his cell in the House of Wolf, leaving no track. The cell is still locked, no sign or clue of how or what could have happened. He is just inexplicably gone.
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