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MemeLord_Lexi's Blog

*TRIGGER WARNING: GORE* Explaining Dark Facts Post

So here’s a true fact my friend, Xpadition (I’m currently working on a project with him, a video and a story he helped me write) told me:

A human head remains conscious for around 20 seconds after being decapitated.

“Now why is that?” I can hear you typing, well it’s simple! These are simply a result of involuntary muscle spasms that, control the lips and eyes. Like, a sort of shortcircuit or relics of electrical signals.

It is the case for the body movements following the beheading, but the actual head houses the brain, the seat of consciousness.

So, the lack of a physical trauma is added to the head (powerful smack), the brain should function until blood loss causes loss of consciousness.

R A D I C A L !
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0 | 0 Comments | May 3rd 2021 21:14

Character Review: Takeo by TheForgottenOne

So first of all, hi I’m Lexus! Call me Lexi for short :3 I’m 14 and like to draw and listen to music. Enough about me, let’s review Takeo.

First off, the race. I think that “Dragon God” is more of a role, then race. And I think that your looking for the word “Species” is what your looking for!

Languages: It’s cool your character knows all the languages in the world, but it seems kinda overpowered to me.

Sexuality: Now it kinda confuses me, but should you just put heterosexual instead of “straight”, using heterosexual instead straight will make you sound more professional!

Sub/Dom?: why or how is this important to the character -_-

Likes/Dislikes: Now to me this seems like a 12 year old kid, got cheated on by his Fortnite GF, and proceeded to listen to xxx. It’s kinda edgy to put....uh...that.

Character overall, a 4/10. I rated it so low because I seen your old account, your made fun of some dudes character when this one has no substance at ALL!!! It seemed like you made a overpowered, edgy, and a honest douche of a character.
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3 | 0 Comments | Apr 18th 2021 00:39